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Reasons to use Parent Taught Drivers Education

5 Reasons to Use Parent Taught Drivers Education

Drivers education is an important part of a new driver’s experience. American Drivers Ed provides teenage drivers education through a convenient, easy-to-deliver parent taught program. Here are five reasons why parents love this program!

Convenient to Deliver

One of the problems with traditional driving schools is that they don’t always fit around your schedule. This is particularly true if your weeks tend to be different due to work schedules or other commitments. With our parent delivered teenage drivers education, you can coordinate the program around your schedule, a huge benefit to busy families.

Meets Texas Drivers Education Requirements

Like many states, Texas requires that persons between 15 and 25 who want to get a driver’s license complete a drivers education course. Our Parent Taught Drivers Ed program allows you to meet these requirements. You will cover all required material and get sufficient practice behind the wheel. This course also assists students with obtaining their learner license certificate with unlimited test retries.

An Affordable Option

If you have looked into driving schools near you, you probably know that they can be quite expensive. Driving schools typically cost several hundred dollars at minimum. While driving instruction is a good investment, you’ve probably wondered if there is a more affordable option. Our parent taught drivers education is extremely affordable, costing only $49.99. Your child can learn to operate a vehicle safely without having to break the bank.

A Trusted Instructor

When you enroll your child in a traditional driving school, you hope your child gets an instructor that is attentive and meshes with their personality. When you use parent taught driver’s education, you know that the instructor cares about the success of your student because that instructor is you! What better person to help deliver the material than someone who cares the most about your child learning to be safe behind the wheel?

Take Your Driving Test with Confidence

One of the biggest benefits of drivers education programs is that they will provide your child with the experience and knowledge to give them confidence going into their driving test. Feeling comfortable behind the wheel can greatly reduce stress. With our program, your child gets 32 hours of classroom instruction and 44 hours of in-car instruction, providing plenty of opportunities to hone their skills and build confidence.

Ready To Begin Our Parent Taught Drivers Ed Program?

If you are ready to take advantage of our convenient and affordable program, enrolling is simple. If you have more questions, we would be happy to chat with you. Simply call or text (832) 270-7320 for more information!