Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (#C3545)






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What is Texas Parent Taught Drivers Education (PTDE)?
Texas PTDE is a program that allows parents or guardians to teach their teenagers how to drive using state-approved curriculum and guidance. It’s an alternative to traditional driving schools.

Who is eligible for PTDE?
Teens between the ages of 14 and 17 can participate if they meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). This includes obtaining a PTDE Program Guide and meeting specific requirements related to age and eligibility. Students may begin the classroom portion at the age of 14 but cannot apply for a learner license until their 15th birthday.

What are the advantages of PTDE?
PTDE offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing families to tailor the learning experience to their needs. It also encourages a closer bond between the student and their instructor (usually a parent or guardian), fostering a deeper understanding of driving responsibilities.

What does the PTDE curriculum cover?
The curriculum includes comprehensive coverage of Texas traffic laws, safe driving practices, road signs, and defensive driving techniques. It’s designed to prepare students for responsible and safe driving.

Can PTDE fulfill the requirements for a driver’s permit and license?
Yes, completing the PTDE program often satisfies the requirements for obtaining a learner’s permit and subsequently a driver’s license, provided all necessary steps are successfully completed.

How do I get started with PTDE?
Begin by purchasing an approved PTDE Program Guide from the TDLR ($20), then submit an application, and follow the guidelines outlined in the guide provided.

What responsibilities do parents/guardians have as instructors in PTDE?
Instructors must adhere to the curriculum outlined in the PTDE Program Guide, provide hands-on training, supervise driving practice, and ensure the student meets the required hours of instruction.

Is there a deadline for completing the PTDE course?
Students do not have a timeline to complete the course, they may access the program indefinitely.

Can I combine PTDE with traditional driver education courses?
No, PTDE cannot be combined with other driver education courses. It’s a standalone program with its own specific guidelines and requirements.

Where can I find additional information or assistance regarding PTDE?
For more information or clarification regarding PTDE guidelines, requirements, or assistance, you can visit the TDLR website or contact their dedicated support for PTDE inquiries. You may also contact us through our email ( or phone number (832-270-7320).